Tom's Roland MT-32 MP3 Files

Here are some great MP3's I've recorded of MIDI's being played by my Roland MT-32.  They've been recorded from MIDI to MP3 by me, but originally written by others unless otherwise stated.  Special thanks goes to Quest Studios, who has a large archive of Sierra MIDI files in a variety of formats.

All of the songs on this page were written specifically for the MT-32.  They're from various PC games published from 1990 to 1994.  I guarantee that if you haven't experienced music from a genuine MT-32 before, you're in for a real treat.  The MT-32 has a unique personality and its outstanding digital reverb (which I have set to 80% for these recordings) really adds to the overall output quality.

This page does not include music from the Ultima games - go to the Ultima music collection page for those MP3's.

New to MP3 files?  Save them to disk and then use  WinAmp to play them.
Filename Size
[Castle of Dr. Brain] Introduction.mp3 2M
[Falcon 3.0] A.mp3 2M
[Falcon 3.0] B.mp3 2M
[Falcon 3.0] F.mp3 912K
[Falcon 3.0] G.mp3 879K
[Falcon 3.0] U.mp3 1M
[Falcon 3.0] V.mp3 1017K
[Fire Hawk] Mission 1.mp3 2M
[Fire Hawk] Mission 2.mp3 1M
[Fire Hawk] Mission 3.mp3 3M
[Fire Hawk] Mission 8.mp3 2M
[Fire Hawk] Mission 9.mp3 1M
[Fire Hawk] Moonlight Sonata.mp3 3M
[Fire Hawk] Opening Credits.mp3 4M
[Fire Hawk] Opening Theme.mp3 2M
[Jones in the Fast Lane] Introduction.mp3 3M
[Leisure Suit Larry 5] Hard Rock You.mp3 2M
[Sorcerian] Music Guild Theme 20.mp3 2M
[Sorcerian] Music Guild Theme 21.mp3 1M
[Sorcerian] Music Guild Theme 35.mp3 2M
[Sorcerian] Music Guild Theme 48.mp3 2M
[Zeliard] Satono Town.mp3 3M

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