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TAConf is a voice and video conferencing program that runs on Windows.  It offers a unique balance of size, efficiency, flexibility, and ease of use.







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TAConf has been stable for many years now, with regular use by a small but active group of users.  Updates are rare.  However, it's still not open to the general public and may never be.  There are two critical problems that can make the program difficult to use in some situations:

These are long-standing problems without simple solutions (that I know of).  I would like to solve them, but currently TAConf works well enough as-is for my needs.  Maybe someday I will solve them, but I'm reluctant to open it up to the general public until that happens.  If you don't have TAConf and are interested in trying it despite the problems described above, contact me and I'll send you a link to download it.


Here are a few interesting screenshots taken over the years:

A typical four-way video call.  Despite being thousands of miles away from each other, everyone can see and hear each other as if they were together in the same room.  This is why I wrote TAConf.


Some minimized TAConf video windows as shown by the Aero Peek feature of Windows 7 beta.  I was impressed to see this work so well out of the box without any special support from me.  The video is shown live in these preview windows at full framerate without any extra CPU burden.


No, there wasn't really any encryption going on.  This was just me playing around with some video post-processing effects made possible by TAConf's integration with ffdshow.


I was doing some testing of the CPU usage throttling feature in this screenshot.  Encoding live video at 640x480 at 30 frames per second takes a lot of CPU power - more than an older CPU can handle.  TAConf can limit its CPU usage to a specified percentage so that the computer remains responsive under heavy load.


TAConf was once capable of displaying video on a rotating 3D cube using Direct3D.  I took the 3D code from another program of mine just to experiment with it in TAConf.  Ultimately this was useless so I got rid of it, but it was still fun to experiment with.


The window border and big black background didn't look that appealing.  How about displaying the cube seamlessly over other windows with some nice translucency?


In addition to capturing video from a camera, TAConf lets you capture the contents of your display.  If you display the resulting video inside the same area you're capturing from, you get some interesting video feedback.  It's too bad I only have a screenshot of this, as it looked even better in motion with the cubes rotating.