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On this page, you can find some of my musical creations.

Note: Most of these files are in OGG format.  If you need a player for Windows, I recommend Winamp.

Music from 2001 to 2006

Filename Date Size Len. Type* Genre Description / Notes
R3Piano10.ogg 8/5/2006 5.3MB 8:00 Playing Piano Live recording, no editing - still thinking about what this one means.  I really enjoy listening to it.
GuitarNoise.ogg (with distortion)
6/20/2006 0.3MB 0:20 Playing Guitar Short loop, strumming on a guitar (actually, pounding on a keyboard).  I like the variation in speed.
ROTDTheDate.ogg 3/11/2006 1.4MB 1:57 Arrange Game Arrangement of "The Date" from the game "Rise of the Dragon"
ROTDOpening.ogg 3/11/2006 1.5MB 1:55 Arrange Game Arrangement of opening theme from the game "Rise of the Dragon" (needs better orchhit...)
VeridisQuo3.ogg 10/1/2005 2.7MB 3:25 Remix House Probably my best and most complete remix ever.  Dulcimer remix of "Veridis Quo" by Daft Punk.
darkgray.ogg 9/18/2005 0.8MB 1:04 Original Ambient house Short loop.
LostVillage.ogg 8/29/2005 2.3MB 3:45 Playing Piano Live recording, no editing - variations on a thought.
drumloop051505.ogg 5/15/2005 0.2MB 0:16 Original Drum loop A very short drum loop, created from scratch.  I thought it was kind of catchy.
drippy.mp3 11/7/2004 4.8MB 4:17 Playing Synth Live recording, no editing - exploring a strange synth sound.  Crank it up!
hopelessness.ogg 4/8/2004 0.7MB 1:00 Original Ambient synth A somewhat dreamy combination of synth pads, slow cymbals, and a variety of small percussion.
StringAttitude8.ogg 3/25/2004 0.7MB 0:51 Original Synth Short loop.  Possibly inspired by the game "Rise of the Dragon".
dune2song13.ogg 12/13/2003 0.8MB 1:00 Arrange Game Arrangement of one of the songs from the game "Dune 2"
funkyloop2.ogg 9/17/2003 1.2MB 1:40 Original Synth rock Built around a great drum loop.  But the bass line is criminal, I think.
RhodesToNowhere5.ogg 8/24/2003 0.4MB 0:32 Original Ambient trip hop Laid back piece based on a rhodes piano, drum loop, and unusual bass line.
WolfsRainPiano3.ogg 8/19/2003 1.5MB 2:44 Remix Piano Remix of ending / climax BGM from the anime "Wolf's Rain".  Dark, echoey, dream-like.
arpduo7.ogg 6/23/2003 0.2MB 0:16 Original House Short loop, high energy.
pianos-like3.ogg 6/14/2003 0.7MB 1:00 Original Soundtrack? Build around a minimalistic piano loop.  Serious, dream-like.
FilterFade.ogg 6/2/2003 1.8MB 2:08 Original Ambient synth Experimenting with filters and fading, hence the name.  Some inspiration from Dune.
AprilsEnd4.ogg 4/27/2003 1.2MB 1:36 Original Synth High energy drum loops, lots of hihats.
SealedDoor.ogg 4/12/2003 2.9MB 3:31 Arrange Game Arrangement of "The Sealed Door" from the game "Chrono Trigger"
FF7AheadOnOurWay.ogg 3/16/2003 1.3MB 1:39 Arrange Game Arrangement of "Ahead On Our Way" from the game "Final Fantasy VII"
FF7AnxiousHeart.ogg 3/16/2003 1.3MB 1:51 Arrange Game Arrangement of "Anxious Heart" from the game "Final Fantasy VII"
FF7RacingChocobos.ogg 12/30/2002 1.2MB 1:33 Remix Game Dance remix of "Racing Chocobos - Place Your Bets" from the game "Final Fantasy VII"
FF7OtherSideOfTheMountain.ogg 12/27/2002 1.0MB 1:12 Arrange Game Arrangement of "On the Other Side of the Mountain" from the game "Final Fantasy VII"
AmbientTest7.ogg 11/27/2002 1.2MB 1:33 Original Ambient Spacey ambient sounds with some nice drum loops.
Belthasar6.ogg 11/9/2002 1.1MB 1:32 Remix Game Remix of "The Sealed Door" from the game "Chrono Trigger"
legato.mp3 8/22/2002 2.0MB 1:38 Original Orchestral Fairly serious.  Slight blend between orchestral and synth.
DrumFun909.mp3 6/11/2002 2.0MB 1:45 Original Synth rock I'm not sure what happened after the first 41 seconds.
EnterTheDragonTGMix.mp3 5/9/2002 1.2MB 1:11 Remix Dance Remix of the theme song from the movie "Enter the Dragon"
clouded.mp3 5/8/2002 1.3MB 1:12 Original Ambient synth Relaxed piece, built around an electric piano.
RainTGMix.mp3 4/2/2002 2.6MB 2:19 Remix Synth rock Remix of "RAIN.MTM" from the Renaissance PC intro "Timeless"
wei2-8850-syn.mp3 2/10/2002 1.0MB 0:42 Original Rock The only song I ever created by combining multiple physical synthesizers.
ominous2.mp3 11/11/2001 1.5MB 1:16 Original Orchestral Serious, mysterious, featuring some nice ethnic instruments and hand percussion.


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